7 Tips to Maintain Your ‘Cool’ During Midterms

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Nicole Riddle
Communications Assistant
Tue, 06/26/2018 - 12:00

Hey Warriors! As we enter the final weeks of midterm season, your calendars and planners might start to look like that 1,000-word essay you just handed in last week, and that can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. We want to help alleviate that stress by providing you with some tips and services that will help get your through midterm season!

Study outside1. Try a change of scenery

Don’t let yourself go stir crazy! Just because you have a lot to do doesn’t mean you can’t go out – just bring your work with you. A change of scenery will help you maintain focus, so that by the end of the day you can feel like you have accomplished your goals, instead of allowing your bed to tempt you into laying down and binge watching your favourite Netflix series.

2. Get plenty of sleep

Given all the work you must get done during midterm season you might think that you don’t even have time to sleep but MAKE TIME! Sleep is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and leading a healthy lifestyle allows you to effectively study and be successful during midterm season. To ensure you’re getting enough sleep, take power naps when permitted and never drink coffee after 5 p.m. – you will never get that night of rest back.

3. Talk about it

Sometimes it just helps to talk to someone – especially someone who can relate. Did you know drop-in hours are available with Mentor Assistance Through Education and Support (MATES)? Get tips on how to cope with the stress induced by midterms from those who have been there: MATES are fellow students who have been trained to provide peer-to-peer support by Counselling Services. Utilize their drop-in hours or make an appointment.

Therapy Dog4. Furry therapy

Therapy dogs boost spirits and bring joy with their wagging tails and unconditional love. Take a study break and stop by the Student Life Centre on July 10 from 5 to 6 p.m. to make some new furry friends at the ‘Wellness Days: Therapy Dogs’ event, part of the new Wellness Days initiative focused on supporting mental wellness on campus.

5. Learn about wellness

Campus Wellness promotes and supports wellness on campus. Each of their Coping Skills seminars focus on a different aspect of mental health like managing emotions or strengthening motivation, and help develop skills to cope with stress and maintain mental health. These are very beneficial skills to have during a high stress time like midterm season.

Campus Wellness also provides safeTALK training sessions to teach students, staff, and faculty how to identify when someone is struggling and steps to take action to help. Register for a session or seminar and learn how to help yourself and others during midterms.

6. Don’t forget to love yourself

Don’t allow yourself or your surroundings to fall apart. It is easy to ignore the daily tasks you do regularly to maintain your life during midterm season such as showering, wearing clean clothes, cleaning your room, or eating full meals. Letting these tasks get away from you is only going to make you feel worse and more stressed out. Putting some of your time towards meeting your personal needs is showing yourself love and respect and will ultimately make you feel better and ease your stress.

7. Exercise

Exercising can seem like the last thing you have time for when your studying, but science proves that it will help you destress and regain focus. When we exercise we release hormones called dopamine known as the “happy” hormone. When dopamine is released, it alleviates stress and your overall concentration will be improved. Check out the video UW Campus Wellness posted on their Facebook page to get some tips on how to integrate physical activity into a busy day!


At Feds, we are consistently working toward fostering an environment on campus that supports mental health. We encourage you to take the time to love yourself and to take advantage of your on-campus resources.

“The body heals with play; the mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.” (Proverb)