5 Things You Need To Do During Your First Month In Waterloo

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Tatiana Morand
Communications Assistant
Wed, 09/06/2017 - 10:45

Even if you aren’t in first year, there are definitely things you haven’t done in Waterloo. Here are our recommendations for five things you should check out throughout the month of September.

1. Attend Welcome Week events

Welcome Week celebrates the arrival of new students and return of upper-years with plenty of fun events from September 11 to 14. Get your term started with a bang with events like Sex Toy Bingo and Warrior Breakfast (pro tip: never miss out on free food!). Enjoy the end-of-summer weather at the Welcome Week carnival, set up in BMH Green from September 13 to 14 (you really can’t miss it). The more Welcome Week events you attend, the more chances you have to win a pretty epic prize, so there’s no reason not to attend.

September 2017 Events calendar

2. Find the perfect study spot

Don't just head straight to the library - September is a great time to wander around campus and discover new spots to work. Check out the tables in QNC, the college libraries, or even an empty classroom (there are always plenty in PAS or ML). If you feel like going off campus, visit the Waterloo Public Library on Albert Street or one of the many cafés uptown.

3. Cheer on one of Waterloo’s sports teams

Given that Waterloo’s football team has already won their first two matches, it’s the perfect time to start getting interested in sports. Or, if you’re feeling particularly ambitious, try out for one of them yourself - registration is the first week of classes. Grab some friends and go watch soccer on September 10, women’s hockey on September 22, or check out the full September calendar.

 4. Check out one of the many events happening around the city

Although going to university can feel like you’re trapped in a bubble of classes, studying, and the rare on-campus event (if you manage to change out of your pajamas), it doesn’t have to. Kitchener-Waterloo has many events happening all around the city, which can help expand your horizons beyond going to class and watching Netflix. These include Open Streets Waterloo, the UpTown Market, or the Royal Medieval Faire.

5. Get involved with one of the clubs on campus

We have over 250 clubs, meaning that you’re sure to find one that suits your interests. And if you don’t, why not start your own? Don't miss Clubs and Societies Day (which is actually two days), when clubs and societies amass in the Great Hall of the SLC for you to check out.