5 Reasons to Get Outside this Summer

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Vivien Pham
Communications Assistant
Fri, 06/21/2019 - 14:15

When people tell you to go outside and enjoy the weather, they’re talking about the sunny with a light breeze, sandals or sneakers, t-shirt weather. Whether you’re looking to hang out with your friends on a budget, need a break from working 24/7, or are looking for a new photo op, here are a few local outdoor options to explore.

Waterloo Park

Located right behind UWP residences, Waterloo Park is the closest nature spot and one of the first places you’ll probably discover during your time at Waterloo (only because it’s the first park that comes to everyone’s mind). Visit the llamas, peacocks and ponies at the farmstead, plan a delicious picnic underneath one of the gazebos by the lake, or take a stroll beside the train tracks along Uptown Loop. Bonus points if you brave the weather to admire the lights they have up for Wonders of Winter during the holiday season.

Uptown Waterloo

Mentioned earlier, Uptown Loop leads you to, well, uptown. It’s home to where nightlife takes places in Waterloo; but beyond the bars, pubs and clubs there are plenty of coffee shops and local businesses for you to discover! My personal favourite shops to stop at are the Princess Twin Cinemas and it's connected Princess Cafe, brch social, Words Worth Books, and the consignment shop Luster & Oak.

University of Waterloo Environmental Reserve

The Environmental Reserve sits beside Columbia Ice Field (CIF) and is along the Laurel Creek Corridor. I've heard the sunrises are breathtaking but I’ve never been there early enough - I can vouch for the sunset though!

Laurel Creek Conservation Area

A 20-minute drive away from the Waterloo campus, the Laurel Creek Conservation Area is a breathtaking open base to explore the Kitchener, Waterloo, and Mennonite community. The land is so expansive that there is space for you to swim, hike, tan on the beach or even throw a picnic together in one of their picnic shelters.

Victoria Park

With the Light Rail Transit (LRT) starting up, this is a prime opportunity to visit some sites that you once thought were too far. Since its opening in 1896, the historic park near downtown Kitchener features an iron bridge to walk across its sparkling lake, a clock tower at its entrance, horseshoe pits and a basketball court, and two classic canons. It’s also the home of annual events such as the Christmas Fantasy and K-W Multicultural Festival!

It’s important to work hard and strive for your goals, but remember that you deserve to enjoy yourself as well. I hope you get the opportunity this summer to soak in some sunlight! Until next time, Warriors.