Environmental Projects Memorandum of Understanding

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University of Waterloo and the Federation of Students
April 28, 2004 – Waterloo, ON

Be it resolved that the University of Waterloo and the Federation of Students agree to the formation of the Environmental Projects Committee and the following terms of reference.

The Environmental Projects Committee shall consist of:

  • The Provost of the University of Waterloo or delegate
  • The UW Waste Management Coordinator
  • The President of the UW Federation of Students or delegate
  • One UW Federation of Students Councilor, appointed by the Federation of Students Council
  • The UW Sustainability Project Coordinator

The committee shall meet to award funds during the second month of each term in which applications are submitted to it.

The committee shall examine and approve or reject the disbursement of funds from the Entrepreneurship, Opportunity and Innovation (EOI) endowment for student projects dealing with the natural environment of UW and its environs.

Projects that meet the EOI criteria in any of the three existing categories (please refer to appendix A) and that address the natural environment of UW and its environs can apply to this committee for funding. Funding from the EOI Endowment for projects approved by this committee shall be equally matched by funding from the University of Waterloo, with a limit of $25,000.

This fund shall not be used to replace funds for environmental projects from other sources within the Federation of Students or the University of Waterloo.

Projects that deal with physical alterations or modifications to UW grounds or that propose changes to UW operations must receive approval from, and be monitored by, the appropriate University of Waterloo authority.

For the University of Waterloo



For the Federation of Students



Appendix A.

Enterprise, Opportunity and Innovation Fund

The fund will provide funding to student projects and initiatives that will:

  • further the personal development of UW students;
  • improve campus culture; or
  • improve student life at UW.

The following modifications to the current structure of the Students’ Council Special Project fund are proposed to expand its mandate:

  • The fund will be divided into three components and a percentage of the fund will be dedicated to each area:
    • Enterprise - 25%: This component of the fund will be used to remove the financial barrier of start up costs that may prevent the development of new initiatives. Preference will be given to submitted proposals that are designed to become self-funded projects once the period they have been funded for ends. The money granted would be used on a short-term basis and would not be used to fund the project/initiative for a period of time longer than 3 months.
    • Opportunity - 25%: This component of the fund will be dedicated to supporting students who wish to engage in conferences or development projects abroad.
    • Innovation - 50%: This component of the fund will be granted to initiatives that are not designed to continue, but that will provide a continuing benefit to campus, e.g. a leadership conference. All proposals must offer a continuing benefit to UW students to be considered.
  • The application will be tailored to each component to reflect the distinctions between them.
  • After reading week each year, the funds may be openly distributed to any application, regardless of the amount remaining in each specific component.
  • Once the body that decides the allocation of the funds has decided to support a project, the necessary documentation will be provided to the University of Waterloo’s Finance Department, which will then provide the funds to the beneficiaries.