Women's Centre

The Internal Director manages the Women’s Centre human resources. This position entails the creation of the volunteer schedule (both online and in-person) and ensuring that there is always a volunteer present in the Centre to provide resources and support for students. In addition, the Internal Director is responsible for organizing and leading volunteer meetings each month to provide updates and important information. Furthermore, the Internal Director is required to be the first point of contact for all volunteer inquiries, this includes accommodating shift change requests, and managing all complaints from volunteers.

The ideal candidate for this position will have strong leadership skills and exceptional communication skills. In addition, the ideal candidate will be active in responding to all inquiries in an efficient and respectful manner. This position requires between 3-7 hours per week on average and a strong sense of initiative. The benefits of this position include being a member of a social justice-oriented service that provides crucial resources for students on campus. Furthermore, the successful candidate will be granted several opportunities to organize events of their choosing to advocate the mandate of the Centre and provide support for students on campus.

To apply for this job please visit forms.office.com.