Role Description: 
– Hold a minimum of 2 office hours per week during which you: ensure the cleanliness of space, provide a welcoming attitude for students entering the office, post a quote of the day, keep up with our library, and be aware of events
– Be peer support trained and accessible to provide support at any time, but especially during the designated peer support hours
– Attend socials/monthly meetings and engage with fellow volunteers
– Must volunteer for a minimum of four events which can include weekly Vibes Nights (dependent on covid-19 capacity)
– Be passionate, excited, and dedicated to the mission of the service and be open to learning and self-reflection through this experience

Key Accountabilities 
– MUST be able to attend in-person RAISE peer support and general volunteer training TBD.
– Recommended to complete SSO peer mentorship training
Requirements and Assets for this Role:
– Having an open mind
– Be ready and willing to learn
– Be aware of issues regarding racialized peoples, intersectionality, and marginalized groups
– Be understanding of sensitive topics and ready to learn how to navigate difficult conversations which might challenge dominant perspectives
– Use inclusive language, especially in relation to people’s identities including pronouns, preferred names, land acknowledgments

We are accepting online and in-person volunteers! 

To apply for this job please visit forms.office.com.