Please note we cannot accommodate students on a co-op term who will be working full-time hours. This is due to coordinators needing to be available regularly during the day to run their operations. If you have any questions, please contact services.support@wusa.ca

Service Description: Racial Advocacy for Inclusion, Solidarity and Equity (RAISE) is a student-led Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) service. This service is intended to address racism and xenophobia on Waterloo’s campus with initiatives such as: a formal racism reporting mechanism, peer-support and social events to create an uplifting community. RAISE works to partner with the University of Waterloo to acknowledge and address the impacts of racism, using an anti-oppression approach to dismantle systematic barriers that limit the success and affect the experiences of students on campus.

Job Title: Coordinator, RAISE (Winter 2024 – Spring 2024, 2 Terms)
Department: Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) Student-Run Service
Reports To: WUSA Services Manager
Weekly Hours: Up to 25/Hrs per week
Hourly Wage: $17
Effective Date: January 1st, 2024
End Date: August 29th, 2024

Benefits of Working for the RAISE:
– Exposure to various committees, politicians and university stakeholders through events, workshops, and meetings
– Grow a network between Kitchener Waterloo community members
– Build on interpersonal skills including communication, organization, and time management through responsibilities
– Provides the opportunity to develop and/or refine a critical lens on intersectionality and oppression
– Connect with like-minded peers
– Opportunities to engage and work with the community to bring an idea to life!
– As a leader in the UW community, have the opportunity to make a tangible impact on building a safe space

Role Description:
The Coordinator leads all those involved within the service while working closely with the Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association to ensure that RAISE remains an active and growing service available to all students and is actively embodying our mission and pillars. The Coordinator plays a large role in networking among different organizations, helping RAISE develop further as a service, innovating new ways to get students involved with the service as well as working on outreach to ensure that the campus community is aware that the service exists and is available for them.

Key Accountabilities:
– Overall logistics and general operations of RAISE including the physical space and safety for all volunteers and visitors
– Hire Volunteers and Executives for upcoming terms
– Provide support, supervision and training as needed to the Volunteers and Executives including weekly meetings
– Advocate for racialized issues, especially on campus
– Advocate for inclusivity and equity
– Plan and coordinator term events including budgets, event plans, room bookings and marketing
– Conduct midterm check-ins with all Volunteers and Executives
– Manage the peer support program ensuring all students have access
– Maintaining general email address and replying promptly to messages
– Managing finances
– Work with the WUSA marketing department to ensure proper promotion of the service and all related events and activities
– Attend a weekly meeting with the Services Manager and must submit an end of term report in accordance with the WUSA policies and procedures
– Submit hours tracking and payroll information as required

Requirements and assets for the role:
– Must have a minimum of one year experience working with marginalized groups, particularly racialized people
– An understanding of institutional oppression and how we can work to make UW more inclusive for everyone
– Must be a current undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo and enrolled in the term(s) indicated
– Able to strategize in the face of campus conflict
– Ability to maintain contact and relationships with a variety of departments on campus
– An understanding of how to advocate for inclusivity, equity and racialized issues on campus
– Must be able to be physically on campus during the term(s) as needed
– Must be committed to fulfilling the required hours to ensure quality of service
– Excellent organizational and time management skills
– Ability to lead a team, engage and motivate
– Able to make timely decisions, independently and with a group
– Strong interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills
– Knowledge of budgeting and finance
– Previous event and project management skills an asset

Training Requirements:
Required to attend training with WUSA Services Manager prior to official start date (dates TBA)

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