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  • 2023-04-02


The marketing director is responsible for creating and managing the services social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as promoting the service on campus through increasing engagement online, and on campus. During the Winter term, Marketing Director assists with XChanges marketing and the advertising of promotional materials

Responsibilities include: 
· Creating and marketing materials, and submit requests to the WUSA marketing team
· Submitting marketing request forms for upcoming events and posts pertaining to the service
· Keep up with analytics of the social media channels to see how well the audience is engaging with RAISE’s profile
· Work with the council-approved marketing budget to order effective promotional materials such as banners, and posters for events
· Oversees what content will be sent out in social media, through a joint content calendar with the Media Director and Coordinators
· Work with the media director on video/reel ideas to promote the services as well engage with students on campus

To apply for this job please visit forms.office.com.