Do you support the implementation of a Legal Protection Service at a cost of less than $30 per year? As with the Feds Dental Care Plan, students may choose to opt-out online from this service during a change-of-coverage period for a full refund.




Most students are unable to afford private representation when faced with legal challenges. In an effort to support undergraduates at the University of Waterloo, Feds is proposing the implementation of a Legal Protection service. This service would provide students with access to legal representation under the following three categories: Housing, Employment, and Academic Discipline. Additionally, the service provides members with unlimited access to a legal hotline that can be used to seek legal information and answer your questions pertaining to any area of the law by an accredited law firm, e.g., immigration law, and traffic law.

Supplementary Background Information

In June 2016, Students’ Council received a special presentation from Studentcare, Feds' insurance policy broker for the Health and Dental Plan, arranged by then President Chris Lolas. The presentation came after Council and the Executive were exploring the feasibility of providing legal support to students for housing disputes, academic rights violations, and concerns surrounding workplace safety and harassment.

Council determined that before bringing the topic to a referendum, student demand for a legal service needed to be measured. In January 2018, the Feds Legal Survey was launched to determine if students were interested in having insurance coverage that provides easy access to high quality legal support. The legal survey was completed mid-February. In total, five hundred thirteen (513) responses were received.

Along with a presentation provided by representatives of Studentcare, the results of this survey were presented to Students’ Council at their September 2018 regular meeting. With their support, this referendum was called to determine whether students would like Feds to move forward with negotiations with Studentcare to provide such a legal service to undergraduate students.

Campaign Committees:

There is one campaign committee in this referendum supporting the yes vote.

Yes for Legal Aid

Why for YES:

Whether its landlord issues, illegal deposits, unliveable apartments, workplace discrimination, unlawful termination, or anything else, UW students get their legal rights trampled upon all the time. It shouldn't have to be this way.

Stand up for your legal rights, with the help of trained lawyers accessible over a phone/email hotline. Even legal costs for any cases taken up would be covered. All for an opt-out fee of up to $30/year. Vote Yes for Legal Aid!

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