Senate By-Election

Vote Feb 4-6!

It’s time to have your say on who will represent your voice at Waterloo. Check out events, ways and days to vote, and learn about your candidates to make an informed decision in this year’s WUSA Elections.

By-election voting March 5-7

It’s time to have your say on who will represent your voice at Waterloo. Check out days to vote and learn about your candidates to make an informed decision in this Student's Council and Senate by-elections.

Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) is your undergraduate student union, run by students, for students. Every winter term you get to vote for your student representatives for the following year, including your four WUSA Executive and Student Councillors. WUSA also hosts the election for your student representatives on University's Senate Opens.

Feel free to reach out to your CRO or the Secretary of the Corporation for any questions we didn’t answer on this page!

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We know you have been eagerly awaiting the results of our by-elections and we have been eager to share them with you! Our policy stipulates that the Elections & Referenda Committee (ERC) must review the results before we share them publicly. Following review by ERC, our Elections & Referenda Officer (ERO) will email the winners directly and the results will be shared on our news & updates page immediately afterward. We appreciate your patience!

Important Dates:

Nomination Period
Feb 21 –  Feb 27 (closes at 4 p.m.)

Interim Period
Feb 28 – Feb 29

Campaign Period
Mar 1 – Mar 7

Voting Days 
Mar 5 – Mar 7
Voting opens online at 12 a.m. on Mar 5 and closes at 11:59 p.m. on Mar 7.


candidate reddit ama

Candidate AMA
Jan 29 // 10 am – midnight

popcorn and politics - the executive debate

Popcorn & Politics: Exec Debate
Feb 3 // 5 pm – 7:30 pm
SLC Lower Atrium

elections vote

Voting Days
Feb 4 – 6 // 12 am – 11:59 pm

Results announcement

Results Announcement
Feb 7 // 10:30 am – 12 pm
SLC Great Hall


By-election nominations for Students' Council and Senate have closed.

If you’re interested in running for an unclaimed position, or want to know more about the nominations process to run in an election next year, check out everything you need to know all in one place on our nominations page.



Learn about your candidates before casting your ballot in this year’s election. Review each race to see a list of whose running and what they're running for.

Voting Information

Whether you’re on campus or off campus, we’ve made voting simple.

  • During the voting period, you can vote online at; or
  • Vote inperson at one of our on-campus polling stations (we’ll be sure to let you know where those are before voting opens!); your faculty society office may also be offering in-person voting options throughout voting days.

We use a ranked voting system for a fair and more representative election.

Allegations & Appeals

An Allegation is an accusation made that a candidate has done something wrong during the Election period. Allegations are in place to ensure that procedures are being followed and the election is fair. Candidates are disqualified if they reach 11 points - check out point values in Elections & Referenda Procedures in the WUSA library.

Appeals are requests from the alleged to change the Elections and Referenda Officer’s (ERO) official decision.

Find violation complaint and appeal forms, and view allegations on the Allegations & Appeals page, during active elections and/or referendums.

Allegations & Appeals