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Election & Referendum Procedures

First things first, make sure you review the Elections & Referenda Procedures to learn about your budget*, rules for campaigning, allegations and appeals, and more.

*WUSA will cover the cost of running a campaign for WUSA Executive and Students' Council candidates. Senate candidates can find  budget information in Senate Bylaw 3 (see section 2.02c) opens an external site .

Temporary Adjustments to Procedure for the Winter 2021 General Election  

Due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, the following changes to elections procedures are suggested below:  

  • With the province in lockdown due to increased COVID caseload, it is deemed safest to have no in-person campaigning activities (on and off-campus); 
  • To ensure fairness to candidates living off-campus, it is deemed appropriate to not allow any form of poster advertising for campaigns on campus; 
  • With the current situation of Covid-19, it is absolutely crucial that candidates and other individuals follow health guidelines and stay safe. To ensure compliance to the recommended changes, a strict penalty of 11 demerit points will be applied to any candidate(s) violating these new changes. (11 demerit points to prevent the thought process of “I can afford to gain x demerit points). 

The following suggested are reflected below:  

Special Rules for the Winter 2021 General Election and By-election  

  1. No in-person campaigning activities (on or off-campus), including, but not limited to: posters, in-person events, any behaviour in contravention of public health guidelines in the Region of Waterloo and the Province of Ontario, and any behaviour in violation of the law.  
  2. Violating the in-person campaigning rule will result in 11 demerit points, which disqualifies a candidate or referendum committee from participating further in the electoral event.  
    1. There will be no change to the appeal process and candidates and referendum committees may appeal in-person campaigning violations to the Elections and Referenda Committee.  
  3. In-person polling places may not open in the Student Life Centre, Society offices, or in any on-or-off campus building.  
    1. Paper ballots will not be distributed for these electoral events.  
    2. Polling clerks will not be hired for these electoral events.  
    3. Members who are not on the list of voters approved by the CRO and could not successfully vote online, if they can show that they are members of the Federation of Students or a constituency thereof, will be added to the voters list by the CRO. 

Proposed motion for approval:  

  • Whereas, COVID-19 is impacting candidates’ ability to safely campaign in person; and 
  • Whereas, we are currently in a provincial lockdown until the end of January;  
  • Whereas, the Elections and Referendum Committee and the Chief Electoral Officer approved temporary changes to the Elections and Referendum Procedure, as found in Appendix A; then 
  • Be it resolved that, Students’ Council approves temporary changes to the elections and referendum procedure, as found in Appendix A; and 
  • Be it further resolved that, temporary changes to procedure will expire on May 1st, 2021. 

Allegations & Appeals

Stay up-to-date on any allegations during the election.

You’re disqualified if you reach 11 points – check out point values in Elections & Referenda Procedures.

Marketing Resources

Remember all the fun things we talked about at the All Candidates Meeting? Good memories. Everything you need is right here, as promised.

Candidate Elections Logo:

Make sure this logo is used on your campaign posters, we also encourage you to use it on any other printed campaign materials.

vote.wusa.ca graphic

Download Full Colour: Elections Logo - PNG
Download White Version: Elections White Logo - PNG

Candidate Information:

Don’t forget to submit your information to ensure you’re featured on our site and included in any print materials.

Candidate Information Form Referendum Committee Information Form

While there is no deadline to submit this information, remember that these pages are being promoted from the start of campaign period right until the end. It can take up to three business days for your information to be uploaded to the site. In order to guarantee your information is included in any WUSA print materials be sure to submit before the date stated at the All Candidates Meeting.