About Sustainable Purchasing (SUSPUR)

Sustainable Campus Initiative (SCI), through its Sustainable Purchasing Service (SUPUR) can help make your events more sustainable! With an analysis of your current event uses, we then provide recommendations on how you can reduce the environmental impact from your event and be more economically efficient. In other words, we look for ways in which you can be more eco-friendly and at the same time save a little money!

If you would like to consult SUSPUR regarding sustainable alternatives and advice for your event, please email the Sustainable Purchasing Lead at suspur.sustainablefeds@gmail.com

Looking for More Information?

Stay updated for more information on the following:

  • How to Make your Events Sustainable
  • SUSPUR Approved Product Catalogue
  • SUSPUR Approved Restaurants, Cafés/Bakeries, Grocery Stores
  • Want an Environmental Assessment and Cost Analysis?
  • A Look at Materials and their Environmental Impact
  • Green Guide to becoming a Sustainable Student

Contact Information

Office: Student Life Center (SLC), Third Floor, Room 3102

Email: suspur.sustainablefeds@gmail.com

What is Sustainability and Why is it Important?

Sustainability is referred to as the balance of environmental, social, and economic factors. In other words, sustainability is achieved when productive harmony exists between humans and nature where resources and ecosystems are maintained and are not depleted or permanently damaged. Sustainability is important in protecting resources so that future generations can use and enjoy the use of these resources as well.

Benefits in Making Your Events Sustainable

  • Reduces your negative environmental and social impact (i.e. pollution and unfair wages)
  • By being more efficient, you can save on costs and spend money elsewhere