1. New Financial Support Mechanism for Volunteers 

“I’m hoping to lay the groundwork to pilot a financial support mechanism for financially insecure students who would like to volunteer rather than work alongside their other full-time commitments. That’s definitely a back-pocket project for me that I’d love to see through!” – Catherine  

  1. Build Foundation for Co-op Safe Spaces 

“Create a research and advocacy plan to address the skewed power relations co-op students sometimes have with their employers. It’s a project that’ll likely take longer than my tenure as VP-ED, but I’d like to lay the groundwork to get students to a place where they don’t feel like the only thing they can do when there’s a problem in the workplace is “suck it up”- whether that be changes in legislation, CEE practices, or services that we offer at WUSA.” – Steph 

  1. Governance Review Process 

“Before the end of my term in office, I am hopeful to see our governance review process through. We are expecting to receive a report from the governance consultants in November, draft bylaw amendments for approval in early January, and begin planning for transition once the general election has concluded.” – Ben 

  1. Progress on Bombshelter Lounge Project 

“I’m really hoping to make some real progress towards the highly-anticipated Bombshelter Lounge project. For students unaware, WUSA used to operate an on-campus pub, but amid declining interest it closed a few years ago.  This new lounge will be a flexible student social and relaxation space. Waterloo’s campus has loads of academic, study, and personal space available, but the lack of social space is very widely noted. This is the gap we’re really hoping to fill with this project.” – Matthew