1. Follow us on social (@yourWUSA) to stay connected  

“Students should know that WUSA is running as many events and services as we can over the coming year. We’re well aware of the impact the pandemic has had on students’ social, academic, and professional lives, and we want to “make up for lost time” in connecting and supporting students. The best place to learn all about what WUSA has coming up is by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @yourWUSA!” – Matthew  

  1. We are accountable to you, the undergraduate student body 

“We’re a not-for-profit organization that is funded, controlled, and entirely accountable to the undergraduate student body, which means that you have a say in the decisions that we make on how to serve, empower, and represent you!” – Catherine 

  1. The time to get involved is now! 

“Try to take advantage of the clubs, student societies, events, and mentorship opportunities available to you as an undergrad. It’s easy to get psyched out by thinking you’re not good enough or experienced enough, but I’d argue if there’s any time to take a leap – it’s now. If you ever wanted to do something (big or small), there’s a lot of tools and supports at your disposal right now that won’t be forever.” – Steph 

  1. The more you put into WUSA, the more you’ll gain from it 

“As a non-profit advocacy organization, we are controlled by our members (i.e. undergrads at UW!). The more you put into WUSA, the more you’ll gain from it. Whether you engage through clubs, services, the faculty societies or Students’ Council, this organization is what we make it.” – Ben