Glow maintains a collection of books, magazines, movies, and TV series on DVD that are available for undergrads to access.

Borrowing Resources: Glow’s books may be borrowed by UWaterloo undergrads for a 120-day period by going to the Glow Centre to sign a resource out with your student number or by contacting the Operations Director. Browse Glow’s book list to see what we have available. Let us know if you have book suggestions by emailing the Operations Director.

Other Resources: If you are looking for a specific title and we don’t have it, get in touch and one of our volunteers can try to help you track it down. The UWaterloo libraries, the city libraries Waterloo and Kitchener, the W Store, and many other local bookstores all carry small collections of queer titles.

Donating to the Library: Glow accepts donations of books, magazines, videos, music, and other resources from the general public. If you are interested in donating, please contact our Operations Director.