1. Running and voting in the by-election 

“Our upcoming by-election is an excellent way for students to have their say in WUSA’s governance. The campaign period runs from October 8-20, with voting beginning on October 18. Stay tuned for more info from the candidates! Don’t worry if there’s no election for your faculty—WUSA’s General Elections run each winter.” – Ben 

  1. Participating in upcoming events 

“I really hope that WUSA’s events and services are able to unite students in way they haven’t been able to connect for almost two years now. WUSA operates some amazing student-run services, commercial operations, events, and more that are as open and flexible as possible while still respecting public safety guidelines, which I’m really thankful for now more than ever.” – Matthew  

  1. Getting involved in committees and student-run services 

“Coming from the governance corner of things, it would make my heart sing to see more students getting involved with Students’ Council and its various committees. From the student life side of things though, I can’t recommend enough checking out WUSA’s student-run services—we offer peer support, social events, and so much more, and any undergraduate can access them!” – Catherine 

  1. Represent WUSA as an OUSA delegate 

“Represent WUSA as one of our delegates at the Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance (OUSA) General Assembly (If you miss the Fall deadline, there’s another one happening in Winter!)” – Steph