1. Fill out and submit an electronic copy of the IFC application form and submit to the Committee Chair, including a budget of the project.
  2. The Committee Chair will forward any questions of the committee to the applicant and request a response within two days.
  3. The committee will meet to discuss the proposal and will determine if funding will be granted, how much, and any stipulations to funding. The committee is empowered to make its funding conditional, provided that the conditions are set out in writing and agreed upon by all parties.
  4. The Committee Chair will notify the applicant of the results with the committee’s rationale and will forward the assessment of completed project form to the applicant.
  5. After the project is completed, the applicant will forward the assessment of completed project form to Committee Chair, to be reviewed by the committee, with itemized receipts or invoices for the project costs to be funded.


  • Reimbursements will NOT be granted before the assessment of completed project form is completed, sent to the Committee Chair, and reviewed by the committee.
  • To ensure enough time for review, it is recommended that you submit your application at least three weeks before your event/project date. The committee will make all efforts to arrive at a decision before the event where possible, as it meets once a week. Applications that are submitted less than three weeks in advance are not guaranteed to be decided on by the committee before the project date. Please contact the Committee Chair by email, vped@wusa.ca with any questions.