Welcome Week: Sex Toy Bingo (IG Live)

A Welcome Week classic with a virtual twist, hosted by Queen Baby Bel Bel, start of CBC Gem’s "Queens".

Join Baby Bel Bel and WUSA on our Instagram live for a fun game of bingo with some steamy prizes to be won! Triple threat Baby Bel Bel – singer, dancer, actor – will be entertaining us as we go through multiple rounds of bingo, with prizes each round!

So how do you play bingo on Instagram live??

1. We’ll post a link of where you can grab a bingo card right up until the start of the game (make sure to follow the event page so you get all the event updates!).

2. On Thursday May 20 at 7:00 PM EST head over to @yourwusa on Instagram Live to follow along with the game and interact with our host.

3. Play bingo for your chance to win! If you do get a bingo, you’ll go live with Baby Bel Bel to take your moment to celebrate and confirm your win!


*Please note only Waterloo students are eligible to win prizes. Eligibility will be confirmed prior to sending out prizes.

**It’s recommended to have two different devices handy – one for tuning into Instagram Live and one for accessing your bingo card (e.g. a smartphone and computer). You may still play with one device though by switching back and forth between both screens.

Date and time: 
Thu, 05/20/2021 - 19:00 to 21:00
All Ages