Welcome Week: Services Fair (IGTV)

Get to know your WUSA Student-Run Services!

We'll be sharing videos from each of our 11 Student-Run Services on the @yourwusa IGTV to give everyone an easy way to learn about the various services available from WUSA and how they can impact your campus experience -- even when you're attending virtually!

Plus you can watch & win! Watch the videos to find the secret code words, then go to the "Services Fair Contest" link in our IG bio to enter the code words before Friday at 12 PM and you could WIN a $50 gift certificate from the WUSA treasure box! Winner will be announced at the end of Welcome Week!

**Please note that Welcome Week is supported by the WUSA Events fee. You must have paid the WUSA Events fee in order to win a prize. To check if you've paid your WUSA Event fee, please check your Quest account.

Date and time: 
Wed, 01/20/2021 - 12:00
All Ages