Before your life becomes exams and final assignments, end off the term with a night of fun!

We’re bringing back our Trivia Night host, Twan, to host a night of bingo on the WUSA Instagram live with some steamy prizes to be won! We’re keeping games short so there will be more prizes to win!

So how do you play bingo on Instagram live??

1. Grab one bingo card using your UWaterloo email anytime before the start of the game (follow the event page to get notified when you can grab a bingo card!)

2. On Wed July 7th st at 7 PM EST head over to @yourwusa on Instagram Live to follow along with the game and interact with our host.

3. Play bingo for your chance to win! If you do get a bingo, you’ll go live with Twan to take your moment to celebrate and confirm your win!


*It’s recommended to have two different devices handy – one for tuning into Instagram Live and one for accessing your bingo card (e.g. a smartphone and computer). You may still play with one device though by switching back and forth between both screens.

**Please be respectful of your fellow Warriors and only sign up for one bingo card as there are limited quantities available.

Date and time: 
Wed, 07/07/2021 - 19:00 to 20:30
All Ages