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Your Waterloo Undergraduate Student Association (WUSA) elected representatives speak on your behalf on important issues that affect your education and undergrad experience – make sure your voice is heard by voting online in the upcoming WUSA elections on July 26th – July 28th on vote.wusa.ca. You can also find all the Candidate information at this link but their names are also listed below:

President Candidate:

  • There are no candidates running for the role of President, so the voting platform will not have a ballot for this election at this time.

Vice President Candidate:

  • Stephanie Ye-Mowe

Director Candidates:

  • Jay Lan
  • Naman Sood
  • Chen Chai
  • Evan Girardin
  • Marie Jolicoeur-Becotte
  • Karl Zhu
  • Karen Nguyen
  • Kunal Sanjiv Karkhanis
  • Sue Liu
  • Catherine Dong
  • Daud Khan
  • Jeff Zhu
  • Angela Souza
  • Rania Datoo
  • Matthew Nicholas Schwarze


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