Practical Mindfulness Workshop

In this 60-minute workshop, you will learn hands-on practices and tips for implementing mindfulness into everyday working life. Opening with a handful of simple mindfulness exercises, this workshop will then dissect the roles of thoughts and emotions in building our reality at work and school. You will also learn specific mindfulness practices that can be applied to a variety of challenging moments in your life as an undergraduate.

Mental Health Basics Workshop

Our minds and emotions are complicated. Most of us have a difficult time understanding what we’re feeling and why we’re feeling it. And this is made all the more difficult during times of stress and change. During this workshop Mitch, a therapist from ShiftCollab, helps us to learn how to identify and make sense of our feelings, and simplify them by learning to label and understand why certain sensations come up when they do.

Dating During COVID-19 Workshop

Dating is hard enough during normal times, let alone during COVID-19! Yet downloads of dating apps are surging. So how can we make dating work during a lockdown while remaining safe? In this interactive workshop, an expert therapist at ShiftCollab shares some ideas about how to make virtual dates creative and fun, while also ensuring that we’re watching out for signs of trouble and navigating our boundaries.

Dealing With Roommates in Isolation

Whether it’s with friends, family members, a significant other, or a peer, having a roommate can be stressful … especially during social isolation. In this interactive workshop, led by an expert therapist from Shift Collab, you’ll learn how to navigate these relationships by developing healthy boundaries, asking for what you need, and collaborating to lessen stress.

Welcome Week: F*** Up Night, presented by WUSA

We often hear about the big wins and underdogs who come out on top but gloss over the mistakes and f*** ups along the way. But we know they happen -- we’re all only human after all. Mistakes are part of everyday life; they’re how we learn and grow, they shouldn’t be something that shames and isolates us from others. F*** Up Nights is a global movement, bringing people together through vulnerability, authenticity, and empathy. F*** Up Night, presented by WUSA Welcome Week, is an opportunity to hear about mistakes from business leaders in our community – how they f***ed up, what they did to overcome it, and what they learned along the way. Join us here on YouTube live on Tues Jan 19th for a night of learning and laughs.

Managing Loneliness During Isolation Workshop

Social isolation can be very lonely. Aside from endless video chats and spending too much time with the same small group of people, how else can we find connection during this time of physical separation? This interactive workshop from the expert therapists at ShiftCollab will pull apart where loneliness comes from, how it shows up for us, and what we can do about it during the COVID-19 era.

F*** Up Night, presented by WUSA

Part of a global movement bringing people together through vulnerability, authenticity, and empathy, F*** Up Nights was an opportunity to hear about mistakes from business leaders in our community – how they f***ed up, what they did to overcome it, and what they learned along the way. Featuring Marc Lafleur (truLOCAL), Martin Basiri (ApplyBoard), and Emily O'Brien (Comeback Snacks).

Welcome Week Local Sounds Concert

WUSA kicked off a new academic year by celebrating the local Waterloo music scene featuring performances by Ashwyn Singh (@ashwynsingh), Nic & Laura, from 12 Mile Island (@12mileislandband), and Nefe (@nefemusic) 

Keeping Your Stress in Check Workshop

We’re all struggling to cope with the uncertainty of the moment, everyday life stress, and new situations, and are naturally feeling scared, isolated, and overwhelmed. Hosted by expert therapists and facilitators at Shift Collab, this workshop is all about identifying and managing our stress so that we can try our best to stay calm during these uncertain times. 

Workshop worksheets (PDF)

Mandala Drawing Workshop

Looking for ways to expand your self-care practice? Artist Nishita Patel leads an hour-long beginner workshop on drawing mandalas, which are part of meditative spiritual practices and help increase self-awareness. She touches on cultural appreciation and the importance of the mandala in her own culture.

Money Talks: Financial Wellness Basics with the Sassy Investor

Overwhelmed with the idea of getting your finances on track and don’t know where to start? You’re not alone. Sassy Investor Michelle Hung, a UWaterloo alumnus and financial literacy advocate, leads an hour long conversation about creating financial goals and curbing bad spending habits, how to prioritize savings, creating a budget and maintaining good habits, and how to protect yourself from scams and fraud.

Learning & Working from Home: Tips to Save Time + Be Productive

Feeling distracted all the time? Overwhelmed with deadlines and the current radical change of pace? If you are struggling with creating a schedule, staying focused and gaining motivation, this workshop was made just for you! Kathryn Hofer of Modern Planner leads an hour long conversation about common traps that trip up our schedule and tips for how to avoid them.

Beginner Hip Hop Class

Have you always wanted to try hip hop dancing but were too intimidated? City Dance Corps leads a beginner hip hop class you can do in your very own room! This 45 minute class will teach you some new moves and give you a bit of a workout.

Virtual beginners hip hop dance class

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