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Yoga and Antiracism Session with Selam Debs

Hosted by RAISE in collaboration with Athletics and Recreation 

Join us for an energizing and nourishing yoga and meditation session facilitated by Selam Debs, Anti-Racism Educator and founder of Juici Yoga Studio in Waterloo on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2022 at 12:00 PM  – 1:00 PM EST in the PAC Studio.

This gentle movement session is designed for BIack, Indigenous and racialized bodies for the purpose of grounding, centring and reclaiming our wellness.

We move and breathe with the understanding that the impacts of racism and injustice live in our bodies as trauma. And even when we are not experiencing the harm directly, we experience ‘vicarious trauma’ through the constant headlines of anti-Black violence, anti-Indigeneity, anti-muslim hate, colonialism and violence towards Black, Indigenous and racialized people who are the global majority.

This is an invitation to bring a sense of ease to our nervous systems, into more and more nourishing states of well-being. This practice is not a form of detachment or escapism from the realities of racism but rather an invitation into our bodies safely, lovingly and with radical compassion.

Selam will guide you through how to move out of the unconscious fight, flight and freeze state that we often unconsciously spend the day in. We will build up gentle heat to get energy moving with the understanding that we hold our experiences, emotions, thought patterns and intergenerational trauma in our bodies.

This trauma-informed decolonized holistic practice will help you centre, de-stress, ground and activate your parasympathetic nervous system- responsible for our ability to access creativity, restoration, renewal and peace.

We will close our practice with a discussion around the impacts of white supremacy and how we can reclaim our wellness through culturally aware, mindful and life-affirming practices that before being colonized by white culture, were ancient practices within Black, Brown and racialized communities across the globe.


Spots are limited! Register to attend the event using the Ticketfi link:


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