Current By-Election

Nomination Period
Closes Oct 26 (11:59 p.m.)

Campaign Period
Oct 29 – Nov 7

Voting Period
Nov 6 – Nov 7

Students’ Council by-elections determine your student representatives for the current year. These students represent the voices of undergrads in their respective faculty, campus or college on Students’ Council.

Interested in filling a vacant seat and being the voice of your faculty, campus or college? Keep reading to find out how, and reach out to one of your current Councillors to learn how they got to where they are! #UWVotes​

For questions and further Students’ Council By-Election information not found on this page, please contact your Research & Policy Officer.

Current By-Election

There is not an active by-election at this time.

The last by-election was for the faculty of Mathematics in which there were two candidates for one remaining seat on Feds Students’ Council. Here are the full results of that election:

Winner: Rongzhao Li (123 votes)
John Hunte (90 votes)

Total votes cast: 230

Declined ballots: 17

Droop Quota: 107

Overall Voter Turnout: 2.66%

Available Positions

These seats are currently open for 2018-2019 term (May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019):

  • Engineering: 1 seat
  • Cambridge Campus: 1 seat
  • Renison University College: 1 seat

Important Dates

During a by-election you will see key dates here, including: campaign period, voting period and when results will be shared.


During a by-election you will find information on voting here, including: voting times, locations and other voting details.


    If you or someone you know is interested in running for a vacant council position, please complete a nomination package:

    Nominate Online: (external link)
    Download Nomination Package: Nomination Package (PDF)
    Note, paper packages must be returned to the Feds front desk.

    • Please read and complete nomination form in its entirety.
    • Only Waterloo undergraduate students in your respective faculty/college/campus are eligible to sign your council nomination form, as these are the constituents you are running to represent.
    • Successful Students’ Council Nominees will have 25 signatures.
    • Applications are due by 4 p.m. on the last day of the Nominations Period.
    • Once nomination period closes, nominated candidates will receive important information from the Elections & Referenda Officer (ERO) concerning the elections process and the campaigning period. This will be done over email, unless an All Candidates Meeting is called.
    • Candidates are responsible for becoming familiar with the Federation of Students’ By-laws, Elections & Referenda Procedures, and all other applicable organizational documents available through the Feds Library.
    • Candidates are encouraged to submit their information by the stated deadlines (included in the information provided by the ERO) to be included in the Feds Elections promotional materials.
    • The Feds Elections candidate logo is available for download at the bottom of the Feds Elections page.

    Allegations & Appeals

    No allegations or appeals at this time.

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