Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join a club? 

You can join as a member, as an exec or as a president of a club.  Clubs generally hire for these positions once every semester. Clubs will announce on their social media accounts that they are hiring and request that you fill out an application. If you just want to join the club to participate in club activities, feel free to reach out to the club via email or social media to ask about membership.

You can be an active member of a club by participating in the clubs’ events and activities.

How do I find out about events that clubs are hosting?

There are several different ways that you can find out about events that clubs host:

1) By following the club on their social media pages

2) Following WUSA Clubs on Instagram (@wusaclubs) and watching our Monday Instagram stories.

3) Following WUSA Clubs’ Facebook page and checking out the “Events” section as well as our weekly posts.

Are there membership/other fees for joining a club? 

Most of our clubs do not have a membership fee however some clubs may have a small membership fee ⁣to help clubs cover the costs of events and supplies. While clubs are operating online, however, most clubs do not have a fee to join.  This fee will vary by club, reach out to the club’s executive team to find out more about their fees.

Where do I find information about clubs?

There are a few different places you can look to find information about clubs: 

1) Looking at the clubs listing page  

2) Looking through clubs’ social media accounts  

3) By looking through our Instagram feed for past club takeovers⁣ 

4) Contacting the clubs manager

How do I know what clubs there are on campus?

You can find many of the clubs that are part of WUSA Clubs by looking at:⁣ 
1) The Clubs Listing on the WUSA website⁣
2) Our "Following" tab on our Instagram 
3) The WUSA Clubs Facebook Page "Liked Pages" section⁣

How do I start a club?

Starting a club is a great way to get involved with clubs on campus and fill gaps in the club's community.

Here's how you get started:⁣ 
1. Get in touch with the Clubs Manager to discuss your idea⁣ 
2. Review the Clubs Manual⁣ 
3. Create your club's constitution by using the online template⁣ 
4. Apply! ✏️⁣ 

Some basic criteria:

1. ⭐ All clubs are MUST be inclusive.⭐ Read our statement (posted July 3) to learn about which actions are not tolerated within clubs.⁣ 
2. All clubs require a minimum of 15 members⁣ 
3. 67% of club membership must be current UWaterloo students (graduate/ undergraduate)⁣ 
4. Execs & Presidents must be current UWaterloo students ⁣ 

Remember to check the full list of guidelines for WUSA clubs.