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Rental Fees and Additional Charges

FEDS affiliated groups may rent of up to two (2) INews 50 cup (~12L) Cambro insulated liquid dispensing units for no rental cost. However, the unit(s) must be returned to INews:

  • Within thirty minutes following the conclusion of your event
    • A late charge of $20 per day will be applied if not returned within the allotted time.
  • In the same condition in which they were picked up
    • A cleaning charge of $15 will be charged if returned uncleaned. Additional fees will be charged and/or the deposit will be withheld if returned in a lessor condition than picked up.

If the rental of the Cambro unit(s) are intended for coffee, then the coffee must be purchased through INews Management. The purchase of other items such as tea and/or hot chocolate can also be arranged if desired.


A watcard (or $100 deposit and other ID) must be left with INews in order to pick up the rental unit(s).

Note: It is highly recommended to use the units only for hot water & add drink mix into the cups externally to avoid potential damage/cleaning charges.

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Details of Request

(If applicable) please indicate which coffee package you are purchasing from INews in the next section. If you will be serving any other hot beverage, will you require the Cambro unit(s) to be filled with hot water by International News?

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Notes: Please note that International News WILL NOT provide you with a cart to carry the filled Cambros.

Cleaning Instructions

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