Note: You do not need to submit a locker request for this current term as lockers will not be cleared out until we are able to return to campus. To ensure you get regular club updates, please subscribe to the mailing list. At the moment, there is very limited access to club lockers - please contact the Clubs Manager at for more information!

  1. Locker Type: Half-Size Gym
    Dimensions: 34” x 10.5” x 17.75” (Height x Width x Depth)
    # Available: 14
  2. Locker Type: Full-Size Gym
    Dimensions: 64” x 10.5” x 17.75” (Height x Width x Depth)
    # Available: 5
  3. Locker Type: Grey Cabinet
    Dimensions: 28.75” x 22” x 15” (Height x Width x Depth)
    # Available: 11
  4. Locker Type: Black Cabinet
    Dimensions: 38” x 35” x 18” (Height x Width x Depth)
    # Available: 2
  5. Locker Type: Standard Cage
    Dimensions: 36” x 36” x 36” (Height x Width x Depth)
    # Available: 41
  6. Locker Type: Large Cage
    Dimensions: 72” x 36” x 36” (Height x Width x Depth)
    # Available: 3

Lockers are issued at the beginning of each term by IAC. Previous term occupants must reapply. For more information about lockers, please see the Clubs Manual.

Please see the Important Dates page for the submission deadlines.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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I agree that the information listed in this application is true to the best of my ability. Furthermore, I understand that failure to adhere to the locker usage policy outlined in the Clubs Manual may result in loss of locker privileges.