$40 for WUSA affiliated groups (clubs, services, societies, etc.)

$60 for on campus groups that are not affiliated to WUSA

Booking Steps

  1. If you are a WUSA Club, fill out and submit a clubs event form
  2. Complete and submit the online BBQ form (located below)
  3. A WUSA Campus Life representative will respond to your inquiry within 3 business days of submission
  4. The booking group will confirm all necessary details with WUSA Campus Life
  5. The booking group may order food supplies through WUSA Catering for the event (order to be confirmed at least one week before the event)
  6. Any major changes to the booking, including rescheduling and cancellations need to be communicated to WUSA Campus Life and (if applicable) WUSA Catering in a timely manner

Day of Steps

  1. The booking group will pay the required booking fee at the WUSA Main Office prior to the BBQ, and be issued a receipt of payment
  2. The booking group will meet a WUSA Campus Life representative in SLC 2139 (The Clubs Community Center)
  3. The booking group will present the payment receipt to WUSA Campus Life at the time of pick up
  4. A Watcard will be held by WUSA Campus Life during the BBQ
  5. The booking group will transport all BBQ equipment to the BBQ site
  6. The booking group will set up all BBQ equipment
  7. WUSA Campus Life will confirm the BBQ equipment is set up correctly and the BBQ can proceed
  8. The booking group will staff the BBQ
  9. WUSA Campus Life will check in throughout the BBQ to confirm compliance to Health and Safety regulations
  10. The booking group will then clean all BBQ equipment and return the equipment back to WUSA Campus Life
  11. The booking group will have their Watcard returned after WUSA Campus Life confirms all equipment is returned
  12. WUSA affiliated groups must deposit any revenues immediately after the event

Important Notes

  1. BBQs can only operate from 10am-3pm including set up and clean up
    1. BBQs should be picked up between 10am-10:30am to be ready to serve by 11:30am
    2. BBQs should start winding down after 1:30pm with cleaning starting no later than 2pm
  2. The BBQ equipment includes:
    1. 1 portable BBQ
    2. 1 propane tank
    3. 2 folding tables
    4. 1 garbage can
    5. 2 sets of tongs
    6. 1 BBQ lighter
    7. 1 BBQ grill cleaning tool
    8. 1 cooler
    9. 1 hand wash station
  3. The BBQ equipment does NOT include:
    1. Cashboxes
    2. Paper towels
    3. Hand soap for the hand wash station
    4. Garbage bags
    5. Sanitary gloves
    6. Hairnets
  4. The BBQ is for use on UW Main Campus only.
  5. BBQs that fail to uphold Health and Safety regulations will be shut down immediately and without refund.  Loss of future BBQ privileges may be possible.
  6. Electricity is not available at BBQ locations.  No extension cords.
  7. Exam tables and SLC furniture are not allowed outside.
  8. Additional charges may apply, including:
    1. Additional labour costs if the BBQ location is more than a 2 minute walk from the SLC
    2. BBQ equipment is returned dirty or damaged
    3. BBQ equipment is missing
    4. Cancellations with less than 2 business days’ notice

Food Safe Guidelines

Food safe guidelines must be upheld at all times throughout the entire BBQ.  For more information on event food safety, please visit the University of Waterloo Event Food Safety page.

Key Points:

  1. Only pre-cooked hot dogs, pre-cooked veggie burgers and pre-cooked hamburgers, pre-cooked chicken burgers and pre-cooked sausages are allowed
  2. Food must be kept frozen when stored
  3. Food must be transported in coolers that maintain a temperature below 4°C
  4. Food products must never be placed on the ground, even though they are in packaging
  5. Separate people are needed for handling cash, for cooking, and for serving
  6. Everyone handling food must wash their hands before starting and after every time they switch tasks, other than if the tasks are all handling food (i.e. cashier to BBQer)
  7. Everyone handling food must wear gloves and have hair pulled back into a pony tail or wear a hair net or hat
  8. Condiments (i.e. mustard, ketchup, relish, mayonnaise, etc.) cannot be in open containers (i.e. use squeeze bottles)
  9. Condiment area must be kept clean
  10. Lettuce, tomatoes and onions must be cut in a licensed kitchen and must be transported and displayed in food grade containers.
  11. Pre-packaged drinks may be offered
  12. The internal temperature of the food must be above 60°C before it can be served
    • This may take approx. 30 minutes to achieve from set up.  Budget time accordingly.

Cash Box/ Float Request

If you require a cashbox or float, please book directly through WUSA Reception in the Main Office. Please ensure all revenues are deposited into the WUSA drop box immediately after the event.

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.

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